About MEI

Maya Education Initiatives works in the poorest region of Nepal. MEI gives children what every child deserves—a healthy start, the opportunity to grow through quality education. We save children’s lives and secure their future.

MEI Mission

MEI gives children the opportunity to build the foundation for their dreams. MEI gives them hope to dream and secure their future. Join us to be part of life-changing Initiatives.

MEI Vision

To provide children a sense of limitless possibility to be the hope of tomorrow through educational opportunity.

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Message From International President

Mrs. Sina Tanner

To provide children a sense of limitless possibility to be the hope of tomorrow through educational opportunity. " We believe together we can make a difference" - Mrs Sina Tanner

Message From Director

Mr. Hira Lama

MEI is an organization where a second chance is provided to those who have lost hopes and dreams in their life due to the vicious circle of poverty. Give a dollar a day to impact a needy child's life. - Hira Lama

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Seed of MEI, Now Its Growing

  • MEI School New Session Starts

    01 June 2022

    MEI was successful to start MEI School's new session on a regular basis like another school on the 1st of June 2022. Now, MEI School is on the smooth flow under the management of Dr Draupati Tamang (Volunteer) acting as Principal and Himala Rai Vice Principal and the other remaining 5 teachers and 3 staff are local. Now, MEI School has been an oasis to deliver quality education to MEI children and the local children on a paid basis.

  • MEI School Gets, New School Building

    01 December 2021

    On December 1st, MEI starts the school building project and completes it by the end of April for the new session of 2022-23. MEI completes the school building projects with a total cost of Seventy Thousand Dollars ($70,000) along with the school bus and classroom setup. The funds were arranged by MEI, Sina Tanner, Hira Lal Tamang, Manjita Tamang, Jotsna Tamang and local partner Gokul Pradhan.

  • Gift of School; on her 50th Birth Day

    18 July 2020

    MEI President Mrs Sina Tanner donated to MEI School for the construction of the MEI School building on her 50th birthday. And, MEI School's block will be named after her "Sina's Primary School"

Who Are We

We do everything with faith, hard work, and sincerity! We believe together; We can make a difference!

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