Mr. Hira Lama

Hira Lal Tamang (Hira Lama) is one of the founding members of Maya Education Initiatives (MEI). Currently working as acting director and administrative head in the MEI.

He was born in a remote village in the eastern part of Nepal, Bhojpur District. In 1993, his family moved to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. In their early first years, his family suffered from poverty and could not afford his education. His grandmother sent him to the landlord's house as a valet but could not get proper education there too. So, after a year he was brought back home. In the same year, his grandmother late Mrs Chandra Maya Tamang came to know about NAG known as a home for street children. NAG helped him to get his education up to high school.

He said "I like to thank my grandmother who always showed me the way to get an education”, I'm always thankful to Dr Frederice Perrier, Nicole Which (Thakuri) the founders of NAG and my sponsor from France Mr Raphael Thomas who believed in child sponsorship programs and sponsored me till my high school. Also, to Mrs Sina Tanner due to her effort, MEI is thriving now, we came to know each other back in NAG ( Once Mrs Sina Tanner used to be a volunteer in a child sponsorship project). NAG is a child sponsorship project in Nepal which was established in 1993.
After high school, he completed his Bachelor's degree in social science from a government college, (T.U.). At the same time, he was closely attached to political and social activities too. And, he actively participated in the movement to abolish monarchs in the Federal Democratic Republic system in Nepal. He had a first-hand experience to see the changes in the government system in Nepal but could see the changes in the lives of the needy people as they were captivated for some time by the movement by giving them food, shelter and hope. In order to bring real change in the lives of poor families who have been buried in poverty for more than a generation is to educate them; once a person is educated he will try to find a better way of life and own contribution to the community.  This thought led to the establishment of Maya Education Initiatives (MEI),  in 2012, under the presidentship of Mrs Jotsna Tamang and himself as sectary. 

Now, MEI successfully supports more than 40 needy children to go to school in Kathmandu and Thori.  From 2020 MEI is managing MEI School at thori where MEI children are getting a quality education.  "Me, myself and on the behalf of the MEI Team, are always grateful to our donors, sponsors, supporters, volunteers, MEI supporting staff, all the well-wishers and all the stakeholders of MEI.

Let's join a hand in hand and make a difference in the life of needy ones.