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Anyone who wants to get internship in MEI programs are welcome. For more visit http://megaweb.info/verify or get in touch with MEI International committee in Switzerland.

Yes, anyone who is interested to volunteer in MEI project can be part of the volunteer ship program for more visit our http://megaweb.info/register.html

No! MEI is a non-religious organization and does not conduct any religious activities.

Visit our Start a Fundraiser page for fundraising tools and create your fund-raising campaign / events, or join in our events and campaign.

Yes, but we only accept donations in dollars. If you live outside the Switzerland and EU, your donation will be charged in dollars, and you will receive a mailed acknowledgement from

Maya Education Initiatives’s Tax ID Number is :

In fiscal year 2020, 93% of all expenditures were made for the free education project. MEI is committed to provide all the collected funds to the project as most of the BOD directors works voluntarily till now since its establishment. More information about our finances and the use of funds is available on our financial page.

Orphans, single mother child and the children who are in need, whose family falls under the line of poverty.

Maya Education Initiatives is a project which has been started by the team of people who have got free education and have done volunteer at NAG (A free education project in Nepal since 1993).

Maya Education Initaitives is a free education project for the orphans, single mother child, and poor family child who falls under the line of poverty. MEI supports all the school expenses

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