Why it’s so important to support a girl child in Nepal.

Why it’s urgent to rescue girl child from cycle of poverty by giving her the gift of an education. The recent statistics can tell you Nepal is pivot as a ‘source’ country by people smugglers and the condition are truly alarming. Over ten thousand women and girls are trafficked from Nepal into India every single year, across what is considered to be one of the world’s busiest human trafficking routes. Chandan Kumar Mandal writes on 6 th August 2019 on The Kathmandu Post on topic “Nearly 1.5 million Nepali at risk of human trafficking, report says” the static can easily explain the condition of Nepalese women condition. https://kathmandupost.com/national/2019/08/06/nearly-1-5-million-nepali-at-risk- of-human-trafficking-while-35-000-trafficked-last-year-nhrc-report More shocking reality: Human trafficking is one of the biggest human security issues facing in Nepal. A significant portion of the 20,000 young girls working in Kathmandu’s entertainment industry and around the 3,00,000 Nepali women who works as house maid in the Middle East have been trafficked by the smuggler. These victims are mostly from the rural parts of Nepal who have trapped in the viscious circle of poverty and they are trapped by the smugglers with false promises of well-paid jobs in Kathmandu and overseas. Nothing could be further from the truth. Denied their freedom, trafficked women are forced to work as sex workers and house maid for little if any pay. Reports of physical, sexual and psychological abuse are common. Worldwide girls are exploited, sold into sex trafficking, refused basic education, forced into child labor or expected to provide for their families at a young age. You can change that. Through sponsorship you have the opportunity to change the path for one little girl. Your love and support could change her life forever and can save her from being trafficked. More importantly if a girls is educated than a mother is educated once the mother is educated the up-coming generation can be educated. Now! Is the time to take an action! Save a little girl now she will save her daughter as being mother and grand-daughter as being grand-mother. Sponsoring a girl child’s education, Now! Can save her two up-coming generation!!