What is volunteering?

Volunteering is an act of giving time and effort by a compassionate person on the mission to accomplish some target mostly the goals set out by the non-profit for the service of the community or maybe co- operate goals too. The concept of voluntarism arise back in 1600 from France (click here). In the 19 th century the concept of volunteering became more popular for revolution and war but later in 1881 for the first time in history American Red Cross(click here). Was founded for the community service and manpower were massively mobilization with the noble cause for the humanity.

Later in the 21 st century, voluntarism has become so popular throughout the world and most in non- profit projects. And, the different types of volunteerism have also been defined and practised.

The different types of volunteer opportunities on the basis of time are:

Short volunteer work:

The short volunteer work may vary from 3 days to 15 days volunteer in any project that is designed for the precise goals to achieve. Some of the examples: Event management volunteer opportunity Digital Marketing campaign volunteers Activitictism camp volunteer for their cause etc.

Long-term volunteer:

The long-term volunteer may be defined as an act of providing service to a project, co-operate or government campaigns. It normally starts from a minimum of 15 days to 2 years but it might vary according to the type of the mission of that project. Let’s discuss the most popular volunteer work in 2022.

  1. Non-Profit volunteer work
  2. Co-operate volunteer work
  3. Digital Volunteer work
  4. Disaster Relief volunteer work
  5. Event or campaign volunteer work

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  1. Volunteering helps in improving your mental health:

    Hey, let’s try new things in life! Take a break and get out of your busy schedule for some time during the times when you are feeling down in your work. Give some time to help others which will bring happiness and smile to them and will help to create a happier environment.
    This one act of kindness helps you to interrupt tension and produces the pattern in brain which replace your anxiety, tiredness, sadness etc with sense of propose, positive emotion and higher confidence and you’ll feel satisfied much more happier what you are doing that you love you to do. Happy people has more self-confidence, energy and motivation in life.

  2. Volunteering helps to explore your personal and professional skills:

    Volunteering for an organization than you have to meet with new people and communicate, and work in a team in the time frame to achieve the goals. In this situation, one can get an opportunity to know more about own self, skills, drawback etc. While volunteering in a new place and abroad one can face many challenges and deal with these conditions will provide an opportunity to learn new things and know more about one's passion and learns to stay up to date which will help them in professional life.

  3. Volunteering helps to build connection:

    When you go to a new place you will meet new people and make friends and it helps you to learn more about their culture and the local tradition. You will be making new connections while travelling and in the field so this kind of relationship might may you a good impact on your life. Also, you might find a new way for your carries if you meet with like minds.

  4. You will make a positive impact:

    You will be welcomed with respect and love by the locals and when you start to work with them a bond will be built between you and the community. And, you will have more opportunity to know more about the life of people locally and you will be astonished by knowing the difference in way of life. Most importantly you will be serving the needy or the community which will make an impact in the lives of many and this happiness will inspire to you be happier in life.

  5. Volunteering helps you to know more about yourself and the importance of self-care:

    Volunteering helps you to feel more about the love and which makes you feel more love. Admittedly, love is a hard thing to measure. But when researchers at the London School of Economics examined the relationship between volunteering and measures of happiness, they found the more people volunteered, the happier they were. Volunteering builds empathy, strengthens social bonds and makes you smile.

Once a Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” In 350 B.C. When we choose to serve others and do good, it is not only gratifying but helps both parties to be happier in their lives.

Types of volunteers wanted in Maya Education Initiatives:

  1. Digital Marketer
  2. Volunteer in MEI School as a subject teacher
  3. Normal volunteer i.e. you can support school teachers and the principal will guide you.
  4. Volunteer as a music teacher
  5. Volunteer in yearly event management of MEI in Switzerland.
  6. SEO Expert.
  7. Teachers trainer volunteer i.e. Montessori trainer, first aid trainer, teachers trainer etc.
  8. Journalists, news reporters, RJ, VJ, photo-video journalists, bloggers, content producers and documentary experts are also encouraged to apply.

Things to consider before applying for volunteering work in MEI.

  1. Minimum volunteering time is one month and more depending upon your schedule.
  2. For volunteers who work in the MEI school lodging and flooding will be provided by the project. You will have to eat together with the MEI teachers.
  3. Your volunteering time will be scheduled by the MEI board, Switzerland.
  4. Your personal trips and expenses will not be covered by MEI.
  5. For a digital marketer, or SEO expert you will need to submit your prior experience in the related field and certificates.
  6. A teacher trainer must have at least 5 years of experience in the related field.

NOTE: anyone interested to volunteer please fill up the below form and the MEI team will be in touch with you within 24 hours sometimes it may take up to 7 days as all of the board members of MEI have been working volunteering since 2013 so sometimes it takes some time to manage time.

FAQ of volunteering abroad:

Volunteering abroad means you are going to a foreign country for volunteer work. Volunteering may depend on your expertise and your interest areas.

There are lots of sectors to volunteer in Nepal which you can find on the internet but the most popular volunteering work in Nepal is in Non-Profit projects. In this kind of project volunteering as an English Language teacher is popular. But, the types of work may vary on the nature of the non-profit project too.

You can almost volunteer in any part of the country in Nepal. But, it also depends upon the organization's placement capabilities and its network or you can directly apply online to the areas you desire to work through their websites or social media.

Anyone can be a volunteer there is no precise law or requirement so far. But, while volunteering in the field you must be cautious about the local culture and costumes too, especially this applies to teenager groups sometimes teenagers like to do party but while doing so have to council with your organization and they will guide you.

Nowadays volunteering from the home is also possible as many organizations are frequently organizing various types of events and shows or fundraising camps. In this type of camp, you can participate locally and can do great work for the community.

Now it has become vital to have a good present for any organization either on social media or on digital platforms. So, digital marketing volunteering work is popular and it’s arising more. Every organization has a need for a digital volunteer ship so anyone with expertise can apply to support the organization in carrying out its mission and vision.

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