Become Our Co-operate Partner

Since 2012, MEI has been working with a mission to provide foundation and opportunity to dream for bright future; who has once lost the hopes due to the poverty. We believe a wise way to fight against the poverty is to enlighten the one and this shrine of deeds can be done by educating the needy ones who have been captivated by the viscous circle of poverty. “A free education project” is live through one on one child sponsorship good practice. We have been able to make difference in the lives of many children and from 2022 MEI has started to run school too make the free education project more sustainable and effective in delivering the quality education to the children. MEI values a high standard for meaningful private sector relationships that combine technical assistance and knowledge transfer with financial contributions to free education project, but also to create measurable business outcomes. We believe our partnership creates synergy between our interest and goals, exchanging expert knowledge to generate impact and moving a step closer to free education project.

Ways to partner with MEI

1. Provide funding support

Funding is the most flexible and fundamental resources required in order to achieve the mission of “free education project”. By providing the gift of education one can be equipped with the tools to fight against the poverty. Help support our effort with necessary funding, direct either to our programs ( School bags for children, school bus for the children)

2. Donation box and call to action

Join one of our initiatives by installing the donation boxes in your business places reception desk, waiting areas etc. or in your community. By joining one of our initiatives program you can simply take make impact by increasing awareness of our programs with your employees and consumer base. MEI can work closely with you to find an organic way to incorparate donation opportunities into your communication, engaging your customers and consumers with dynamic content and with their initiatives, impactful, personal stories and more.

3. Raise a fund for a cause

Your expertise, technology, professional manpower and connection can leverage our “free education project” to make greater impact in the remote community. By sharing personnel, technology or organic methodologies you can raise a funds for the cause that we both common views and can together make a bigger impact.